Film Making

We in Spa N.S. always welcome new approaches and methodologies and both students and staff continuously embrace the creative use of technology to deliver and enhance the curriculum. One area which has really flourished in the school in recent years has been film making. Different classes have completed projects using film making and found it to be fantastic way to mediate curricular strands/strand units, while integrating a variety of subject areas.


The Film making projects have helped children to develop essential skills in moving-image literacy, communication and teamwork. They enable children to learn about the techniques involved in telling a story through film, including: planning, scripting, story boarding, cameras, lighting, audio, music, set design, post production editing, costume and of course acting. Throughout the process, children also develop skills in communicating, working in a team, taking responsibility, collaborating with others, making decisions and problem solving. And of course they are great fun!

Both teachers and children have always found the experiences enriching and rewarding. The school regularly participates in a number of local and national film making competitions for schools like the Fís Film Festival and the annual ‘Live Life’ Film Competition. Spa N.S. has enjoyed great success along the way.

Why not sit back, relax and enjoy a few of our films! Lights, camera, action!