Christmas Concerts 2019

Christmas Concerts 2019

Please find listed below the dates and times when our classes will be performing their Christmas Concerts this December.

Thursday December 12th @ 11.00 am : Junior Infants

Monday December 16th @ 1.15 p.m : 1st class

Tuesday December 17th @ 11.00 am : Senior Infants

Tuesday December 17th @ 1. 15 p.m. : 3rd Class

Wednesday December 18th @ 11.00 a.m. : 4th Class

Wednesday December 18th @ 1.15 pm : 2nd Class

Please note that

  • all family members (particularly grandparents) are welcome to attend and enjoy the performances.
  • siblings in the school will not be attending these performances in order to minimise disruptions to teaching/learning time in all classes. We also want to ensure that we have enough seating space to accommodate all adult visitors. Siblings will get to enjoy the shows at practice performances held before these dates.
  • It is hoped to have teas and coffees at the end of each show.
  • visitors are welcome to take photographs of the performances on the day but we would ask you to ensure that you
  1. do not overly distract the performers.
  2. DO NOT SHARE any photographs or footage taken on any online or social media platform. This would be in contravention of school policy.

Your co operation in this would be very much appreciated!