Welcome to the Spa N.S. Lotto!

Dear Parent,

I hope you are well? This week we celebrate the 60th anniversary of Spa N.S. operating on the present site. On February 26th 1964, staff and students moved from the old school to this site and school building. The rest as they say is history, but we are all very proud of the progressive school and caring school community we have today!

Everyone in our school community is genuinely committed to maintaining the very best school facilities and providing top quality I.T. supports and curricular resources for our students to use and enjoy in their learning. Unfortunately, Dept. of Education grants simply do not provide sufficiently for all this to happen today. However, we in Spa N.S. are determined to tackle this challenge with our new  

                                           Spa N.S. Fundraiser Lotto,

a weekly lotto draw, which will take place all year round. We are hoping that this new approach to fundraising, if successful, will really help our school community to attain our immediate targets and raise the necessary funds to

  • Resurface our astro turf pitch
  • Provide for the phased replacement of all of our interactive whiteboards with new Smart MX boards.
  • Provide for the phased replacement of the chrome tabs, chrome books and laptops being used in every class in the school.
  • Provide for the purchase of new reading material for our class libraries and our accelerated reading library in 3rd to 6th class.
  • Provide for the purchase of new resources for curricular areas like Mathematics, Science, P.E. & visual arts.

All of the money raised from this fundraising initiative will be used to directly support your school and your children’s education. We genuinely need your support to make this possible. By participating, you will be helping our students receive the very best opportunities and supports they deserve.

It is important to highlight that this lotto fundraiser will be the main way Spa N.S. will fundraise going forward. This will allow all future PTA events to be purely social and for building the school community spirit. The jackpot will start at €250 and will increase every week until it is won with the maximum jackpot set at €3,000.

We hope that you can contribute €5 weekly for 3 lines which would be hugely appreciated and you never know you might just win. You can access the fundraising site via by clicking on link on the website’s home page!   


Please spread the word by inviting friends and family to take part too, as the more people that take part, the more funding will be available to do great things in our wonderful school. Everyone is welcome to get involved!

Your support as always would be very much appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Spa N.S. B.O.M