Student Council

The student council is the voice of the students in our school. Every student in the school is a member of the student council, but there are six spokespersons on the student council each of whom is elected by their classmates.

The Student Council is made up of six students ranging from 4th class to 6th class. In September, elections are held in the relevant classes. One boy and one girl from each class are elected to sit as a spokesperson on the Student Council. Ms Kelly, the teacher representative and Mr Linehan oversee the running of the Student Council. The Student Council members wear a badge on their uniform to make them easily identifiable to the other students and guests at our school. We meet on the first Wednesday of every month. We have a Student Council notice board opposite the staffroom which we update regularly. There is also a suggestion box there where students can deliver their concerns/suggestions

Student Council Charter
  • The Student Council in Spa N.S will meet Mr Linehan and Ms Kelly every month.
  • The spokespersons are elected by their class mates in September.
  • They will wear their badges of identification with pride.
  • They will adhere to the rules governing student council meetings.
  • The will report back to classes when necessary.
  • They will advise Ms. Kelly and Mr. Linehan on different areas of school life.
  • They will help the Ms Kelly and Mr. Linehan to carry out many simple tasks within the school.
  • They will check the suggestion box before every meeting.
  • They will organise events and competitions for the students.
  • They will serve as a welcoming committee for any visiting dignitaries.
Spa N.S. Student Council
Spa N.S. Student Council
The Student Voice is important in Spa N.S.
The Student Voice is important in Spa N.S.